About Us

“To make life better by serving human needs”

The DeMatteis Family Foundation was formed in 2001 by Frederick DeMatteis, Chairman of the DeMatteis Organizations, and his wife, Nancy DeMatteis. During his lifetime, Frederick DeMatteis was an exemplary supporter of numerous charities and causes to help those less fortunate and in need. In sharing his success he gave unselfishly of his time and personal talents, in addition to his financial support.

So too has Nancy DeMatteis been an active and engaged supporter of a significant number of charities. This Foundation, then, is an outgrowth of that spirit of giving and a way for the DeMatteis family to continue the legacy of good works so effectively initiated by the Founders. The Foundation is purposely named for the family. The four DeMatteis children, along with NancyDeMatteis, serve on the Foundation Board.

Mission of the Foundation

The Mission of the DeMatteis Family Foundation is to make life better by serving human needs through support to institutions involved in:

  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Medical Research
  • Social Services
  • The Arts

with a primary emphasis on the New York Metropolitan area.